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Coleman Capacitor 25/370 1499-5661

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CAPACITOR: Run (25-Mfd/370V) 6770A717; 7433-797; 7433A797; 7433A887; 7433A897; 7433B897; 7332-890; 7332A890; 7332B890; 7333-797; 7333A797; 7333B797; 7333A860; 7333B860; 7333C860; 7333-880; 7333A880; 7333B880; 7333C880; 7333D880; 7333-890; 7333A897; 7333B897; 8332-890; 8333-890

MFG# 1499-5661 14995661

Product Weight:
3.000 Lbs
My AC on my Terry camper quit working. Got the ladder out and went up on the roof to inspect. The compressor wasn't kicking on and the fan would come on with a helpful spln. Ordered both Capacitors which arrived on time,changed them and now have AC working again.
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