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Remco Pump,aquajet RV Serie 5.3gpm 55-AQUAJET ARV

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Remco Variable-Speed Water Pump: 55 Aquajet ARV, 10 Amp Water Pump

Fresh Water Pump; PowerRV Aquajet Series; Self-Priming (Up To 13 Foot); 5 Chamber Diaphragm; 5.3 Gallons Per Minute; 60 PSI; Female Quick Connect Inlet/Outlet Port; 8.89 Inch Length x 4.84 Inch Width x 4.6 Inch Height; 12 Volt DC; Sealed Motor With 2 Pin Connector; With Pressure Switch/ Bypass Switch

The Aquajet RV pump employs state-of-the-art electronics to automatically control motor speed—the pump actually adjusts its speed as you open and close water fixtures. Aquajet’s soft start feature eliminates annoying rapid cycling, and its exclusive 5-valve design can deliver twice the flow and pressure of conventional RV industry pumps.

• Greater flow — The Aquajet automatically overcomes pressure drops typically caused when multiple fixtures operate at the same time. Aquajet’s patented 5-chamber design displaces substantially more water per motor revolution than typical 3- and 4-chamber models currently used in the RV industry, making it one of the highest-flow diaphragm pumps available.

• Positive shut-off at 75-85 psi, to keep up with today’s sophisticated filtration systems and extensive plumbing systems.

• Silent operation — At performance levels similar to competitive pumps, the Aquajet will be as much as 90% quieter, due to slower speed and superior hydraulic energy transmission.

• Smoother flow — Aquajet’s patented variable speed controllers, with additional “smart” features, eliminate all rapid cycling within normal flow ranges. The innovative 5-chamber construction, including the patented screw-free diaphragm, minimizes pulsation found in other pumps.

• Longer switch life — Electronic control circuits and integral pressure switch minimize switch arcing during starts and stops.

• Easy installation — Universal mounting option allows easy retrofits for virtual plug-and-play performance.

• 2-year mfr. warranty.

• Fittings — Pump includes 2 quick connect fittings with 1/2" male thread size to fit standard pump filter and other industry standards.

• Safety features — The Aquajet includes valuable safety features not found on other pumps, including low voltage protection (to protect the pump from weakened battery power conditions) and a maximum pressure bypass (to protect the coach’s plumbing system from excessive pressurization).


The ES brings variable speed technology to virtually any RV water system. Smaller coaches can be upgraded with the ES, because this pump has been specifically designed for after market installations.

Powerful Flows — The ES delivers a 3.5 gpm flow rate, higher than nearly anything else for the RV industry. Reduced power consumption helps ensure compatibility with existing electrical systems.

Silent Operation — The ES version is even quieter than the Aquajet RV version. The patented, variable speed controller and "soft-start" features eliminate most cycling related noises.

Easy Installation — Lower amperage draws eliminate the need to use electrical relays, etc., regardless of current electrical configurations. Installation is simplified to the point of true "plug-and-play performance.”


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Great working with RV Plus.com! We were about to leave on an emergency trip and I emailed the company to see if it could ship asap and they sent the order from the warehouse in Kansas and it arrived in 2 days without any extra shipping charges. So thankful to RV Plus!
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