$19.99 $16.99
This 10" radial trimmed brush is perfect for washing RVUs, autos, vans and campers. The unique design of the All-A-Rounder brush provides for a large cleaning area and allows for water flow-thru when used with a flow-thru handle. It will reach into those hard to get at corners. Brush is filled with soft tipped...
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$24.49 $21.99
36"-72" Telescoping Flow-Thru Handle With Snap Clip MFG# PROD370 UPC# 035421510104

$39.99 $33.99
48"-96" Telescoping Flow-Thru Handle With Snap Clip Handle only. MFG# PROD353 UPC# 735421510059
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$14.11 $11.99
The soft bristles on the replacement 10" brush head make it a perfect replacement head for your worn brushes. Use your existing handle or purchase a new...
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$15.28 $12.99
The 10" wash brush has fine polystyrene bristles with fluffed edges to hold water and cleaning solution for easier washing, while treating your vehicle with kid gloves. The 10" Scrub Brush provides extra firmness needed to remove stubborn streaks from dirty areas on your vehicle that don't require the kid glove...
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$6.19 $5.99
Threaded adapter for use on snap clip style (non flow-thru) Adjust-A-Brush handles to adapt to any screw thread accessories (brushes, mops, etc.) MFG# PROD405 UPC# 735421480123
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$8.22 $6.99
These squeegees have unlimited practical uses in addition to being great for cleaning bugs and other debris from your windshield. The lightweight handles are made of premium grade drawn aluminum tubing with vinyl non-slip hand grips. Squeegees and snap clip handles sold separately. MFG# PROD072 UPC#...
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$38.79 $37.99
48"-96" foam grip flow-thru telescoping handle Uses: Street brooms, deck scrubs, window brushes, squeegees, roof brushes and wash brushes. 48" to 96" Flow-thru-handle MFG# PROD305 UPC# 035421470217
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